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WOW! You need to see this Bitcoin chart!! The Bitcoin price can DUMP and then get a big PUMP!
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  2. Will bitcoin crash?. This is the question a lot of people are asking themselves right now, Before we give up so soon lets seat and try to remember what happened in 2017, and what happened by this exact time last year. The Bulls are warming up and if you give up now you lose. You might not lose your capital invested if you give up now but imagine the profits you will lose when the bulls kick into action. 'Now is the right time to invest' This is the very word Kenny Smith told me last year and I'm forever grateful I listened and I took the word seriously. You might be wondering who is Caroline, he is a crypto analyst/tutor. I met him in person in a crypto forum. With Caroline's teachings and guidance, I make a monthly profit of 9 BTC with an investment of 2BTC. he’s reliable and trusted. You can reach

  3. Nice video. Very informative. If I may add, when we look at BTC's previous spikes, they happened in "year 1" of the "Presidential Cycle". The Presidential Cycle is a 4-year cycle that covers the years of a president's reign. Examples: 2009-12, 2013-16, 2017-20 and 2021-23. The first year of the cycle is the first year of the reign, while the last year of the cycle is the last year of each reign.

    Well, BTC spiked toward the end of 2013 and then again toward the end of 2017. Each of these was a "year 1" of the presidential cycle. So, we could reasonably expect BTC to spike again toward the end of "year 1" of the next presidential cycle. And that would be 2021. So, buy now, because over the next 12 months before 2021 ends, BTC will spike again.

    Another remarkable pattern is how each of the last 3 halvings of BTC were also related to the Presidential Cycle… they each happened in "year 4" of the presidential cycle, namely 2012, 2016 and 2020. This is significant. When BTC's spikes and halvings have all adhered to the Presidential Cycle with remarkable consistency, it means there is a reliable co-relationship.

    So, if we can expect BTC's next spike to happen toward the end of 2021, how high will it go? Let's take a cue from the halvings and spikes together.

    1st halving: November 2012, around $40 at the time of the halving.

    2nd halving: July 2016, around $600 at the time of the halving.

    3rd halving: May 2020, around $9,000 at the time of the halving.

    Notice the spacing of time…

    From 1st halving to 2nd halving = 3 years, 8 months

    From 2nd halving to 3rd halving = 3 years, 10 months

    We might thus project the 4th halving to be, say, 3 years and 9 months after the 3rd, or around February 2024.

    Notice the multiple of the price…

    From 1st halving to 2nd halving = $40 to $600 = 15x

    From 2nd halving to 3rd halving = $600 to $9,000 = 15x

    We might thus project the price at the 4th halving to be 15x higher than the 3rd = $9,000 x 15 = $135,000 by February 2024.

    Of course, the price spiked much higher after the first two halvings.

    1st halving, price spiked from $40 to $1,100 = 27.5 times higher

    2nd halving, price spiked from $600 to $20,000 = 33.33 times higher

    We might thus project the spike after the 3rd halving to be around 30 times higher than its 3rd halving price = $9,000 x 30 = $270,000.

    When the next spike?

    1st halving to 1st spike = 13 months

    2nd halving to 2nd spike = 17 months

    We might thus project the next spike after the 3rd halving to be around 15 months later, perhaps August 2021.

    However, seeing as both prior spikes occurred in the month of December, the 3rd spike to $270,000 may happen as late as December 2021.

  4. Yesterday he says btc is going to pump. Today he says btc is going to crash. Tomorrow he will be saying btc will pump.. dump…pump….dump..pump.

    Aaaaaaahhhhh shaddup and get a real job

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